Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tuesday

Yesterday was my first day back, and can I tell you I forgot what it was like to work all day. I was DEAD by the time I got home after a day full of meetings and working in my classroom. The kids aren't even here yet! I'd better toughen up.

For Technology Tuesday I thought I'd share with you the websites and apps I use in my classroom.

First is Brain Pop. I started using this site in the middle of last year and my students are absolutely in love with it. It has a subscription fee but it is well worth it. There are videos on absolutely every subject you can want. It's a great way to introduce or review concepts.

Next up is spotify 

This is a music app similar to pandora, but on this site you can choose practically any song and add it to a playlist. I have the app on my phone so I can just plug it in to the speakers in my classroom and listen to any playlist. I love it because it eliminates pre-planning for me. If I need some classical music before testing I just have to search for it. On May 4th, Star wars day last year, I played the star wars soundtrack during writer's workshop :-)

Lastly, I haven't used this app yet but I am exceed to try it out

Stick Pick is an app for the iPhone that acts just like those jars of popsicle sticks all us teachers have. This way I don't have to worry about coloring the ends or remembering to put the used ones in a different place. All you have to do is shake or touch the screen and it will choose a student at random. And it does all the remembering for me yay!

Full day of work for me tomorrow, hopefully I will get my room ready enough to share some of it with you for Where I teach Wednesday!

oh and I have the winners of my giveaway. I didn't get many entries so everyone who entered is a winner. I've sent you the packets you pinned in an email. yay! 

Until tomorrow :-)

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  1. I know what you mean about being dead. I have been in meetings and working in my room all week and everyday I think, "There is NO WAY my brain can get any fuller!". But somehow, the next day it does. I love brainpop too!

    Teaching Chick


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