Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

Hey I'm here for Therapeutic Thursday, where we all talk about how we de-stress from a difficult day.

My first year of teacher was pretty stressful. I'd say I came home crying at least once a week if not more. I've been teaching for three years now and it's still not all sunshine and rainbows. I still have difficult days, but each year I learn more and more and things get a bit easier. (I feel like I've learned three years worth of tips this summer just from reading blogs!)

So that first year I figured out fast how to get over a difficult day. Here's what I do.

1. I try as best as I can to not obsess over it. There's really no sense in beating myself up over every little mistake, and tomorrow is a new day. My mom always says I'm way to hard on myself any ways. Which brings me to number 2

2. I call my mom. My mom is amazing. I call her for everything, but it's especially nice to talk to to her when I've had a tough day. She always seems to know the right things to say.

She's a pretty cool lady. Here she is riding her Harley. 

3. Then I order take out- Take out makes me happy. My favorite take out is tofu pad thai from this little restaurant across the street from my house.

mmmm pad thai :-)

4. Finally I curl up on the couch with my boyfriend and we watch one of our shows. We mainly watch bones and house together because those are the shows we can agree on. 

We love ourselves some procedurals, and Hugh Laurie 'cause he's amazing. 

The boyfriend isn't so great with advice like my mom is. He'll try and give me advice but he's not a teacher or a parent so it doesn't usually make much sense. He's good for cuddling and T.V watching though :-)

After that I usually feel 500 times better and I'm ready to take on a new day.


  1. I always like to order-in after a long day too. Some days cooking is just not an option. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  2. OMG we sound SOOOO ALIKE!!! I too cried at least once a week my first I totally know how you felt. I have been teaching for three years also, and agree that things get easier and easier (but still no walk in the park). I continuously ask myself how do people get everything done?! I too call my mom EVERYDAY..she is my phone buddy while I drive home. Also, I love to get take out or go out to eat so I don't need to worry about cleaning...AND my BF is also not that good about advice..although he and my mom both tell me that I am too hard on myself!! You could've wrote my post!! :D I think we would be great buddies!! You should move to Hawaii!!!

  3. Oh my gosh we do sound like twins! And I would LOVE to live in hawaii (I'd even settle for just visiting) I'm a little jealous!

  4. Each year gets a little better. But, I still call my mom, too, and I have been teaching for 18 years ;)


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