Sunday, September 9, 2012

Favorite Freebie and Favorite Classroom Reward

I'm linking up today with two of my favorites

First my favorite Freebie with Second Grade Pad.

My Interactive Daily 5 Stamina building chart.

It's my favorite because 

I'm working on building more interactive anchor charts this year. I want the kids to use them and not just make them and have them forget about them. 

Story behind it

This will be my first year using the daily 5. And we haven't started yet because we departmentalize for reading and won't have our groups until October 1st. 

Anyway, I was participating in the daily 5 and cafe book study this summer and my head was swimming in ideas. This one came to me when I was at jury duty of all places. There's nothing like being forced to sit in a room and wait for hours to get your creative juices flowing I guess. 

How to use it

Print of the header and glue it to a piece of chart paper. As students add minutes you can add the little book graphics. 

Add this to the bottom of the chart

and write the number of minutes they can read with a sticky note. You can make the book stand for one minute, or 1 book can equal 5 minutes. It's up to you. 

You can get this freebie in my store by clicking here!

Next up is my favorite reward system with the First Grade Derby

So this year I am departmentalizing for science. I needed  a behavior plan for when I was teaching my grade level partners students. I'd heard about classroom behavior  bingo of course, but here's how I adapted it for my particular situation.

Here's my science board. Both my class and my partners class have a different colored board. There are also Popsicle sticks that are color coded to match with sticks for one to 100

At the end of every class period we will evaluate ourselves on this rubric. Then I will choose a student to pick either 1 or 2 sticks. (Hopefully we won't have to many zero days)

They will fill in the number on the bingo board that matches the number sticks they've chosen. When we get a bingo the class gets a science party!

What is a science party you ask?

Well, a science party is a day when we will do a fun science experiment  having to do with food or something else the kids can make and take home. Then are TONS of ideas on pinterest for fun science activities. So it's one of those, the kids are rewarding with learning type things and I love it! 

We won't be switching classes for a few weeks, but I will let you know how its working when we do. I can't wait for our first science party!


  1. Thanks for linking up. I LOVE your freebie. We had our reading groups ready day 1 of school. My students have become a pro at changing classes for reading and math! :-)

    2nd Grade Pad

  2. Such cute ideas!! I'm actually starting the Daily 5 this week & was looking for some stamina charting thing-a-ma-jig. Yours is too cute!'re #3, so you won any 1 item from my TPT store. If there's something you'd like, just comment or shoot me a message!

    Carrie :)
    The First Grade Derby


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