Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Classroom Reveal (Finally!)

I feel like I'm the last one to hop on this train, but here it is. I am really proud of my room this year. So lets take a little tour.

Please excuse the glare, I have giant window and it is almost impossible to take good photos (especially when you use an iphone)

This board is the one next to my projector set up. Schedule, gem jar, attendance, boggle, math rotations, and helper of the week are all displayed here. 

Science focus board. This year we are departmentalizing in science. I will teach both my class and my grade level partners class for science. So both sets of notebooks are in those tubs on the floor and I have two sets of behavior bingo for the classes. They are going to earn a science party. Which means we will do one of those really cool science experiments I've seen on pinterest. 

I love this board. I really, really do. On the right I am going to rotate their finished pieces in writers workshop. In the middle is a writers process pencil, and on the left is my 6 traits posters. It's similar to a voices board except I didn't have room for the voices letters if I wanted to put up the writing strategies as they were taught. Down below is where they keep their writers workshop binders. I am trying binders this year, I hope it works out. 

Math board with space for anchor charts. 


How I am displaying centers this year

Wide view of the library. Notice my makeshift crate seats. lol. It is literally just pillows on top of crates. 

My birthday board, just awaiting candles and names. 

This is my second favorite area. 

Dr Seuss quote <3 p="p">

Wide view of the classroom. Desks are all ready to go for the first day! I put a basket of books on their desk because I don't want them in the library until I have taught them how to use it. Plus it'll be good practice for them to put those books away. I choose my most popular books from years past, and a wide variety of types as well. 

My goal posters. You can read about how I plan to use them here. Excuse the unorganized everyday math cards. Ugh I've been putting that off. 

Finally my reading focus board. 

I love how this year other teachers have been in my room and when they ask me where I got something, I can say, I made that. And I'm all super smug and proud of myself. How ever my room looks fantastic and its all thanks to TPT and blogs. You all have been an amazing source of inspiration this summer. I am excited to join everyone is posting about the lessons and activities now!

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