Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our study of frogs and a Frog Facts Freebie!

We are studying life cycles in second grade right now. We just finished up learning about all about frogs!

Here are a few things we did during our study on frogs and frog life cycles

We watched a few videos:

A brain pop jr. video on frogs

and this video from teachers domain.

We made some frog crafts:

We made this cute free frog cycle craft From Mrs. T's First Grade

And this one from Tracy Tegeler

It turned out super cute. I wish I had pics. I had them write a fact about frogs on the belly and hung them up on our science bulletin board. 

We learned some new vocabulary using my frog posters pack.

We learned about metamorphosis using this sort. 

We sorted the pictures into organisms that go through metamorphosis and organisms that do not. 

Finally we did this frog fact activity that was a hit. The kids each got a card, either a question or an answer. They had to mingle around the room and find their partner. When they found their partner they both went off to write the questions and answer in the science journals and draw a picture. Finally we all shared out. 

You can get this as a freebie in my TPT shop!

It was a fun few weeks! Next up is meal worms. I purchased this AMAZING unit from Rachel Lamb

I am super excited to start using it next week. In fact I'm off to Petco right now to go pick up our new baby mealworms. 

I'm linking this post up with Friday Freebies (even though I'm a little late!)
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I am also super excited about my science giveaway starting tomorrow. You won't want to miss it. I have tons of science products to giveaway! So check back tomorrow!


  1. This is a CUTE activity for the life cycle of a frog. One of my favorite units to teach! Looking forward to the giveaway and thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  2. Thank you for sharing this at TBA and linking up! I am you newest follower!
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