Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Days of Freebies- Day 3- Place Value Trees!

Today I am tired. It's a half day with the kids all week, but there's conferences back to back 'till 5.

And we did paper mache animal masks. Not by choice, it is never my choice to do paper mache. It is awful. The kids had fun though, and I applaud our art teacher for taking on such an ambitious project.

Here is todays freebie! I am really having fun with these. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and written comments about the freebies so far. I really excited by this one as my kiddos need practice with place value.

So, I made some place value trees. I plan on laminating these cards and having the kids write the answers with expo markers.

In the first set the students look at the trees and write the number.  In the second set of cards the kids take the number and break it part writing each piece of the number on the parts of the tree! There are four pages of each type of card.

Thanks to Mel from Graphics from the pond for the cute trees!

Click the picture to view in google docs and let me know in the comments if you are using the freebie! Happy Tuesday!

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