Monday, December 17, 2012

12 days of Holiday Freebies, days 9, 10 and 11.

So I am a little bit behind on my 12 days of freebies because of a trip up the mountain to Big Bear this weekend. I hadn't been to the snow since I was a teenager, so I was just a little bit more than excited :-)

Here is the backyard of the house we were staying in.

The trip however, was made a bit somber by learning the news of the tragedy in Connecticut on the drive up. Every time I read something I started tearing up again. It got me thinking about my students a lot, and I'm glad to be back home and able to give each of them a hug today.

So here I have days 9, 10 and 11 of my 12 days of holiday freebies. However at this point I am making them more winter themed since we only have a week left before break. Take a look and hopefully some of you can use these :-)

Click the picture to view the files in google docs.

First up is a winter number stories worksheet. We've been working on equal groups and this worksheet asks the kids to draw a picture to solve and write a number model.

Next up is a concrete and abstract noun sort. We have been learning all about nouns in my reading class and this activity as well as others has helped them understand the difference. 

this file comes with cookies to sort into cookie sheets labeled abstract and concrete nouns, as well as a little teaching reference. 

Finally, here is a quick writing activity you can have students do. Have them brainstorm different winter traditions. Visiting the snow, seeing relatives, decorating the tree, a special food etc. Then have them think of why that tradition is special to them. 

I am OBSESSED with all the glitter graphics from glitter meets glue designs. However I know everyone doesn't have a color copier at school so this file also has a black and white version. 

I'' be back soon with the final freebie :-) I hope everyone has a great last week of school. 

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  1. I love the glitter graphics! I found you through the Manic Monday linky party.
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  2. I love those glitter graphics! Thanks for the freebie!
    Your newest follower,

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  3. I love love love thos glitter graphics too. What a great freebie! I just started following you too.
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