Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New blog design, saying goodbye, and a summer writing activity

So I got this fancy new blog design courtesy of Sour Apple Studio. I love it! Now my blog looks all fancy and professional.

So we still have 2 days left. But today was one little guys last day. He's leaving to go on tour with his dad's band in Russia.

He finger knitted me a scarf today as a goodbye present. This is one seriously awesome kid.

*side note* I didn't teach him to finger knit. It was an after school class offered last year, but I am definitely going to learn and teach the kids next year. It is really calming and can give those who need to fidget something to do with their hands.

Lastly, I was looking for a fun summer writing activity to do and I found the perfect one from Miss Kindergarten.

Super cute right? So I made some changes, and did the project with my kids today. Here's how mine turned out.

They wrote a list of everything they wanted to do this summer and wrote it down on their summer bucket list. Then they traced the templates onto this left over scrap paper I had,  and put everything together.  Obviously I'm not going to put up a bulliten  board with only two days left, so I told them to them home and put them on their fridge. That way they can be reminded of their goals. 

I just loved their lists. This one says she wants to "read a lot of books and make a chart of how many books I read." Girl after my own heart.

This one says "Take care of my teeth." I love it. 

Tomorrow is our big school carnival. The third graders have made all the games out of recycable materials and will be running their games for the rest of the school. It should be fun! Then Friday is a half day and that's it. FEW!


  1. Those turned out cute! Great end of year activity. :)

  2. You won the Learning Resources LUNA CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Email me at so I can get your address and Learning Resources can ship it to you!
    PS Your blog design is SO CUTE!

  3. Your buckets are so cute!

    I love the monsters on your blog design! =)

    Heather's Heart


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