Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Shopping Linky!

I'm linking up with Kristen at Lady Bugs Teaching Files for her June summer shopping linky party. 

Now I don't normally go shopping this early in the summer, but Target was calling my name. 

First I got these neat Stacking bins. I have an idea to organize my centers with these. I'll have a post on that later. 

I also got some fancy duct tape! I seriously spent 20 minutes deciding on what tape to get. It was tough, but I finally decided on this combination. I've got lots of plans for this tape.

Next I got these clear bins with lids. I plan to keep my math manipulatives in these. 

I also got these clear bins without lids. I plan to use this system for supplies this year. I just need to get some cups. 

So while I was at Target I ran into one of my students in the dollar section. This always seems to happen to me. It's enough to make me avoid the dollar spot all together. I kid, I kid. She's a sweet girl and her family is lovely. I just always feel so awkward when I run into my students in the "real world." I have to switch back into teacher mode, which can be difficult because I tend to turn it off in the summer. Does anyone else feel the same?  

So lucky me,  when I got home I had one more purchase waiting for me. The books from amazon I ordered. 

I wanted to use more read alouds for character building this year. I'm working on a little guest blogger post with these books. So look for that soon!

I'm sure July and August's posts will have quite a bit more purchases. I'm trying to not go to crazy yet. 


  1. Thanks again for stopping on by my blog! I was just checking your out and this post made me laugh. I can totally relate to that little tinge of panic when you run into a student outside of school... but for a totally different reason. My arms happen to be pretty tattooed!! I obviously keep them covered in class, but off work is a different story. So whenever I'm out and I hear "Mrs. Johnson!" I immediately think about what I'm wearing LOL!

    1. Oh my gosh me to! Not my arms but my chest. So if I'm wearing lower cut tops I feel the same way!

  2. I just found your blog & I'm your newest follower! I am crazy about patterned duct tape right now too. I like the kind that you bought. :) I am excited to read more of your blog!
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