Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teaching Personal Goal Setting

So it is one of my goals this year to really get my kiddos thinking about personal responsibility and setting goals. I admit I wasn't that great at it last year. I want my students to be motivated to go above and beyond and really challenge themselves.

So I am really excited to show you all what I have created to help me with that!

This is my Classroom goal setting pack. 

Basically it is a set of 22 classroom goals. The students choose one that they feel they need to work on and fill out a weekly tracking sheet. The student's rate themselves daily and there is a place for either the student to write more comments, or the teacher to write more comments. 

You can use this whole class or just for those students you think need a little extra help. I am going to use it whole class. 

I think I'm also going to send the sheet home with the students on friday with their work as well. I haven't decided if I will tie it into classroom rewards or not yet. I think I'll see how it goes first. 

I think this is really going to help my students recognize where they need help, challenge themselves, set and achieve goals, feel a sense of pride, and really start building that intrinsic motivation we all want them to have. 

I am selling this is my TPT store for $2.00, so it's a good deal.  However, if anyone is interested I will give it away for free to the first two people to leave me a comment with their email address! FREE! YAY!

Click the link to go to my store!
2nd, 3rd -

If you win this, or purchase it, let me know what you think! I would love feedback, especially if you have some other goal ideas you think I should add. 

Finally, I am just 15 people away from the big 50 (followers that is) I am definitely going to do a giveaway once I get there. So if you are not a follower yet, click that button over to the side :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone! I think it's Wednesday at least, I don't know where the time is going!


  1. Just found your blog and am your newest follower! I'm doing a monster theme next year, so I love the design. :)

    Teaching Maddeness
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  2. I'm never one to turn down a freebie!

    Success in Second Grade

    1. Awesome! It is on it's way. Hopefully you can use it!

  3. DARN IT!!! One comment too late!!! This is such a great idea!!


    1. Send me your email! The first person didn't leave me there's.

  4. I have two awards for you on my blog. Come over and check it out! I'm also your newest follower!
    First with Franklin

  5. These are really cute and great for managing behaviors! I love it when the students are given more responsibility for their actions!

    Teaching Special Kids


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