Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Pack Winners and Excuses

So I don't have a Monday Made it project to share today :-(

Things got a little crazy this week, with packing for my upcoming vacation and dealing with a sick kitty.

Then my laminator broke! I was devastated and everyone kept treating me like I was crazy. They just don't understand how much I loved that thing. It wasn't the scotch one either, last year I didn't know you could get one so cheep so I sprung for the $130 lakeshore one. I called lakeshore to see if I could maybe do something to get it fixed. They offered me a brand new one for free! I will forever and ever love Lakeshore now <3

Here it is my brand new laminator!

Another thing that prevented me from doing my planned Monday made it was this little kitchen experiment I planned with a friend.

You may have seen a pin on pinterest about precooking meals and storing them in the freezer. Then you can just pul them out reheat and you've got dinner ready to go!

Well I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this. We made 72 freezer meals divided between the two of us and it took over 12 hours. My hands were basically bleeding by the end.

Here's some picture of our little adventure

This is all the meat we bought. 

Veggies. Total cost of all food was only $118.

Putting the food processor to work.

We had to store everything in various laundry baskets while they waited to have other ingredients put in. 

My stuffed to the brim freezer. 

Even though it was an insane amount of work I am glad we did it. Now when school starts on those night I just can't be bothered with dinner I can just pull one out of the freezer! If you do an experiment like this I highly suggest doing it with a friend to have company ( and maybe not making so many at a time). 

All right on to my giveaway winners! I offered up three of my newest birthday packs!

Ladies I will be emailing you shortly!

If you didn't win you can still pick it up in my shop for $3.00

I just added a birthday banner as well!

I do plan on sharing my Monday made it project next week. I only have a few Monday's left before school starts!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much time it took to precook the meals! I'm sure it will be worth it for those super busy nights. Thanks so much for the birthday pack. I was so excited to see that I won it! :)
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