Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to School Night is Coming!

So at my school a few weeks into the start of the year we have back to school night. This is a night for the parents to come and here me speak about how the classroom is run. I also use this time to inquire about volunteers and ask for extra supplies we might not have gotten.

So even though it is a bit nerve racking for me, I really rather enjoy the night because I come away with a better sense of who the students are and start to build a relationship with the family. Also this year California Pizza Kitchen is donating food for us! So we get snacks which makes everything better.

I always start by having the kids write a letter to their parents about what they've been learning. When the parents come in they read the letter, and respond to their child.

Last year, even though I didn't have a projector I made a powerpoint. I felt it helped keep me on topic and focused. I made a generic one for you, my lovely readers, if you are in the market for a back to school night power point. You can add text boxes to add your own information. Even if you don't use it maybe it will give you some ideas about what to include. It's Free!

I read on a few blogs about doing a supply garden, where you write supplies on flower post-it notes and parents can take one if they want to purchase those supplies for you. I think I'll do that this year. 

Finally I have the parents write on an index card if there is anything special they want me to know about their child. 

What has worked for you guys? Anything I must do this year? 


  1. Great blog..I'm a new follower and featured one of your items on my 10 Weekly Teacher Finds at my blog!

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  2. The supply garden is a cute idea. In the past I've done a supply or giving tree where supplies we needed were written on apples - you could also do leaves. Fits well with the beginning of the year!

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