Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Flashback!

I'm linking up with teaching madness to share some of the best activities from the week.

First I would just like to say I love my class. I love how I can do so much more with them. With my last class, if I gave them an inch of freedom, know. Today I put on Eye of the Tiger (they learn that song in their music class) and I told them they had until the song was over to clean up the room, get their backpacks and line up.

Wouldn't you know they were in a perfectly straight, quiet line and the room was clean by the end of the song. No one pushed anyone to get to their backpacks, they were just having a jolly good time singing, dancing and cleaning up. LOVE THEM.

This week we've started studying Chickens! We got an incubator and and hatching baby chicks in the classroom. The kids are beyond thrilled.

So to get ready for our big arrival (The chicks are expected on November 14th) we have been learning all about chicks, chicken, and eggs. 

WE studied the parts of the egg with a powerpoint slide show. (I'm not putting my chicken stuff up on TPT yet, but if anyone is studying chickens this year I'd be happy to send you these resources. )

We also did this an experiment with a regular kitchen egg. We put it in vinegar to see what would happen. And we were totally fascinated with the results. 

We are also working on completing what I call the chicken choice board. I'm a big fan of letting the kids take charge of their learning so they are able to choose from a menu of activities to learn more about chickens. 

In reading we have been studying fables and we made our own comic book versions. They turned out great. Here the kids are sharing their comic on the document camera. 

We've also been studying making inferences. We used this anchor chart. 

the pictures came from this fabulous pinterest board. 

So that's it, link up and share your week in review! 


  1. Isn't it WONDERFUL to have one of THOSE classes?! It sure does make for a fun year! Your kiddos are going to be so excited when those chicks finally hatch...such a memorable experience! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  2. We do chicks too and my class had a great hatch this year. I would love to see your chicken resources if you are willing to share since it is still fairly new to me. Thanks!

  3. I brought adult chickens into my classroom and the kids loved it! I am sure when those chicks hatch they are always going to remember that!

  4. I love your chicken choice board! I had one of those classes last year and this year...can't give 'em an inch! I love reading your posts:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  5. Hi there! Just found you, so glad to find another 2nd grade blogger! Your ideas are fun!! I am a new blogger, & I teach 2nd grade, too! I'll be looking forward to reading more!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

  6. Hi-

    Would you please be willing to share the egg lessons? At the school I teach at we spend a entire quarter learning about birds..this would be a great addition!! If you are willing to share my email is



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