Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween's not over yet, but I've already got Thanksgiving on my mind!

So I am sitting at home enjoying my day off. We don't hold school on Halloween due to the utter craziness that happens on Halloween in West Hollywood. Traffic would be a nightmare.

I did however get dressed up at 7 am this morning just so I could take a picture with my bestie before she headed off to work. Hogwarts students representing Ravenclaw and Griffindor!

As much as I love Halloween, I've had thanksgiving on the mind lately. I love, love, love Thanksgiving. Or maybe I just love food. 

I have two new thanksgiving products in my TPT shop right now. Check them out by clicking on the picture if like me, you are already planning ahead. 

Lots of different coloring sheets to practice addition and subtraction. 

Here's what I'm most excited to use from my pack. 

We are working on writing detailed paragraph. The turkey serves as a a graphic organizer. The kiddos will write their topic sentence on the turkey body, 3 details and a closing sentences on the feathers. I also made some cute writing paper for the kids to do a final draft of their paragraph. Also the legs are super cute. 

Next up is a parts of speech hunt. I've been planning lots of lessons and centers where the kids get to walk around the room. They like it and it helps those kinesthetic learners. This one is a parts of speech hunt. The kids look for the dinner cards posted around the room and write the word on the appropriate line. They also cross of the food as they find it until they have their complete meal! 

Now here's a freebie for sticking with me this long. Here is an acrostic poem freebie included in my pack. My kids loved doing the Halloween ones. Just click the picture to view in google docs. 

And to everyone affected by the hurricane, my heart goes out to you. Stay safe!

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