Sunday, October 7, 2012

Loving our new pets and Winners!

Before I announce the winners of my super science giveaway I want to share a few pictures of what we've been up to in science this past week.

We have been loving our meal-worm unit ($8 well spent!) The kids have been learning all about the care of the meal worms and have done some observations using their senses.

(excuse my messy desk)

The kids are super pumped about out little pets. I was not really excited about doing this unit (not a bug fan), but Rachel's unit and my kids enthusiasm has really made it worth it.

We've also been able to look at them up close using the document camera.

We are going to continue working on our mealworm unit this week with a little fact scavenger hunt and an experiment!

Now onto the winners of my super science giveaway! Thanks to all the bloggers who donated units and to everyone who entered! 

I will be emailing you all shortly letting you know how you will be receiving your prizes! Congrats!


  1. YAY, so excited! Thanks so much, Cassandra! I love the meal worms you all are working with. I dislike anything that's small and crawls, but I love using meal worms for science. They can teach a lot!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. Hi Cassandra! I'm trying to start a fun linky called "I've Been BOOED!" I've booed you on my blog!! Would love for you to join!! Just go to:
    to check it out!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  3. I'm glad to see you kiddos like the mealworms. We just got a new science kit this year that has us looking at all kinds of bugs, and mealworms are one of them! Should be very interesting. ;)

    ★ First-Graders from Outer Space ★


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