Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12-12-12 and Your Day 8 Holiday Freebie!

Today I am linking up for the 12 in 12 party. I'm a little late on day 8's holiday freebie, but it's here at the end of the post!

12. Favorite movie. I used to see movies all the time. My boyfriend worked at a movie theater and I went to all the midnight moves and saw every new release. Now it's rare if I get to the movies once a year. 

So I'm choosing a 2011 movie because I didn't see anything good this year. My favorite movie of last year, and this year too because I own it and watch it, is...

It is amazing. Beautiful, sad, suspenseful. Plus Ryan Gosling. Nuff said. The soundtrack is also amazing. 

11. Favorite T.V show

The New Girl. It makes me laugh for the entire half hour. Funny stuff here. I love the character of Nick because he reminds me of my boyfriend with his adorably grumpy but lovable ways.

10. Favorite Restaurant

Toi Rockin' Thai Food. It's thai, but with a rock and roll theme. Posters, weird art, and memorabilia all over the walls. Plus good food and I live 2 blocks away. 

9. Favorite new thing I tried. TPT and blogging definitely. It has been a crazy adventure and sometimes I think I just can't keep up, but I have become such a better teacher because of this journey so I know it's all been worth it. 

8. Favorite gift. 

Is it okay if it's a gift I gave myself? My Disneyland pass! I am a disney fanatic so having this pass is, well, pretty much the best thing ever. Sometime I just pop on over for a few hours and come home, because I can. They know my order over at Tortilla Joe's a restaurant in Downtown disney. That;s how often I am there. 

7. Favorite thing I pinned

this one

Just because I saw it on someones blog, thought it was a great idea and pinned it. Then I saw it ALL OVER pinterest for months. With the same caption I used. It really showed me the power of pinterest and how ideas and inspiration can spread so quickly. 

6. Favorite Blog Post. 

This one

I liked how I laid out everything we did and where I got all my resources. I would like to do this more. 

5. Favorite accomplishment- 
I know everyone is saying this but TPT seriously. Knowing that someone actually likes and uses my resources other than the people in my building is astonishing to me. I have felt so much pride in my self and my abilities. It's crazy. 

4. Favorite Picture

This is not my favorite, picture, but I'm too lazy to upload it. Here is a picture I enjoy.

It encompasses what I am loving about this year. Check my face in the top left. Classy.

3. Favorite memory

I think that would have to be my sister visiting me in L.A. She doesn't often make it down to these parts but when she does it is always a hoot. Seriously, she is my best friend. Here we are at a restaurant in little Tokyo. 

2. Goal for 2013

Hmmm. Classroom goal is the same as it is every year. Get a little bit better at organization. I try and choose one thing to work on. This year it is saving files and creating binders. Life goal is to make my gym membership worth the money. UGH. Oh and de clutter my house. 

1. One little word.


Okay so now onto the freebie. We are working on arrays in second grade, so I whipped this up to use tomorrow. 

I plan on putting these cards up around the room and having the kids walk around with the recording sheet, writing down the array and the total number of objects for each card. My kids love being able to walk around during math, and these cards will provide some fun winter practice with recognizing arrays. If you think you can use these this year (or file them away for next year if you've already covered arrays. ) Then you can pick them up in my TPT store! Click the picture to be taken to my shop! I promise to be back soon with day 9, 10, 11, and 12! 

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