Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 days of Holiday Freebies- Day 7-Double Digit Addition

I am pretty proud of myself for blogging seven days in a row. And posting freebies seven days in a row! Go me :-)

Today I have some matching cards for double digit addition. I call it penguin lunch. I am stretching the holiday freebie thing here, it's really more of a winter freebie, but I think it's okay just this once.

The kids answer the problem on the penguin cards, and feed them their lunch by finding the matching fish card. 

I've also included a little strategy poster to remind the kids how to solve the problem. 

Does everyone use this stratagy? The kids all want to carry because when they go home and do their homework their parents teach them how to "carry the one." I find that this strategy leads to a deeper understanding and is actually much simpler once you understand it. 

You can get this freebie in my TPT store! 

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  1. I totally teach them how to do this strategy! And, yes my parents teach them how to "carry" or regroup. I even sent home a sheet that illustrated four different ways to solve addition problems. I confused the parents and had so many questions! Thanks for the freebie! We're going to do a penguin party in a couple weeks and I might use it there!

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